immudb v1.2 is released and combines Blockchain-like immutability with verifiable data deletion!



  • Full Transactions support: full ACID transactional integrity compliance both at Key-Value and SQL layer.
  • Support for logical deletion and expiration of KV entries: forget about data entries by setting an expiration date or by using the delete statement.
  • Support for logical deletion in SQL: it’s now possible to use the delete statement to logically delete records.
  • Updates are now unconstrained: row updates can be performed for any data structure, overcoming the limit immudb had with secondary indexes.
  • support for TIMESTAMP SQL type: full timestamp support when creating tables and when performing queries at microsecond precision.


  • Fixes to JOIN with subquery
  • INNER is now default join type
  • Some improvements to error messages
  • switch to standard SQL syntax for aliasing
  • switch to standard SQL COUNT(*) syntax
  • suport SQL for: SELECT DISTINCT, NOT LIKE, IN, IS NULL, IS NOT NULL, basic CAST (for timestamp)
  • Secondary indexes with NULL values (breaking change for on-disk format in SQL layer)
  • New session-based connection method in client SDK
  • Initial support for golang sql stdlib

Fullstack Monitoring, Analytics, Security: VMware, Docker, Kubernetes, Applications

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Dennis Zimmer

Dennis Zimmer

Fullstack Monitoring, Analytics, Security: VMware, Docker, Kubernetes, Applications

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